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A memory attached to our senses sticks to us like glue.
Sweet flowers, buzzing bees, fluttering wings.
The dip in your cheeks sinking in.
The tip of your lips rising revealing your intent.
Hand to heart
Is that how I make you feel?
Will it last?
Cloudy skies, frantic chirping, dogs barking.
The dip in your cheeks filling with confusion.
The tip of your lips falling revealing your intent.
Hand to heart
I pull back you pull me in
Tight squeeze but assuring
Love exuding,
But only from you.
You feel it, I know you do.
The emptiness of a heart
Pounding to be filled.
Pumping to find its life source.
Source of freedom and exhilarating desire.
Source of comfort and belonging.
Our heartbeats clash and thunder against each other.
Searching for a song, a rhythm, a melody.
But found no synchronicity, no harmony.
One moment melting into another.
A single raindrop gliding down your cheek
Then another and another.
Metal clanging, rain puddles, the scent of wet dog
The dip in your cheeks hidden beneath the dip of your head.
I'm sorries unheard through the loud chatter thundering in his head
Punishing him for not getting it right.
For falling into an abyss alone.
Where does your rain begin and natures end
Yes, I remember.
I remember that night as well as the rain.

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