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by Em<3
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just some thoughts about being alone :(
Waiting for someone who will never come
Is this what it feels like to give up on all hope?

Just because you need help
doesn't mean you'll get a savior.
Just because you have a dragon
doesn't mean you'll get a knight in shining armor.

The walls are closing in around me, but I'm not screaming
I'm not panicking.
I know no one's coming, so what's the point of crying?
I know no one's coming, so what's the point of trying?

Keeping myself sane with imaginary heroes.
Pretending someone cares enough to try to secure my freedom.
At least I'm improvising.
Some would rather sit there, only crying.

I'm not going out pathetically.
When the walls finally close in I'll give in silently.

But, it would be nice if someone noticed.
If they saw that I was hurting and they tried to stop it.
Then I my only comfort wouldn't be my own words.
Feeling at home in someone's warm embrace would be the greatest thing to ever occur.

Oops, there I go again, imagining things that don't exist.
Like anyone could truly love a major screw-up like this.
Oh well, it was nice for awhile,
To feel wanted and loved.

I guess the reality is that most of us never get what we want.

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