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by Em<3
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starts out kinda sad, then gets better :)
I need someone to talk to, but
no one's listening.
I need someone to stop for me, but
no one is caring.

Everybody rushes on and on and on.
What happens if you fall down and can't go on?

Here's the truth - you get trampled.
You don't think so?
Stop for a minute, see what happens.

But from my place, here on the ground
I have a perfect view of up above.

The stars seem to care,
They seem to listen.
So I tell them all my problems,
all my grievances.

When they're gone in the day,
the sun likes to melt all my fears away.
Which is nice for a moment,
then I realize-

Lying here, on the ground?
I'll never amount to nothing!
So I start calling for help
(again by the way)

Watching people hurry by without
Noticing that they're stepping on me isn't fun
They don't know how much harder they're making
it for me to get back up.

I don't want to die here,
alone on the ground.
I want to make a name for myself,
want to make my father proud.

I begin the climb back up to my feet
Maybe it's not as hard as it once seemed.
Here we go, now I'm moving
Those people who stepped on me,
now they're taking notice.

They'll realize what they've done
and start apologizing.
But I don't need their words,
they don't mean nothing.

Besides, on my own?
I'm already half way to my destination.
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