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Walking with a friend in the dark, is better than walking alone in the light. Helen Keller
"We are living in a dark time," Roger said as he passed the cup of tea over to Rosemary. He set it down within her reach.

She picked it up, thanking him before letting her eyes shift back to the flames jumping between logs in the fireplace. The snap and crackle a welcome sound on such a frosty night. The warmth chased the chill out of her old bones.

"I'm just glad you were home," she added before taking a sip.

"Not going anywhere on a night like this and I am certainly glad of the company."

"You'll not think we'll get into trouble... I mean, they did tell everyone to stay home and not venture out."

"You haven't really gone out," he told her, "we're in the same building. You just came down the hall to visit and we are a good distance apart."

She smiled over at him and he gave her a wink.

"There couldn't be any harm in sharing a pot of tea and some biscuits,"

"Certainly not, especially when the biscuits are still warm from the oven."

"I agree, besides I could not eat them all myself. Heavens. I'd be looking like a biscuit if I did that."

They both laughed.

"Still, I worry. What will become of us all. The news does scare me," she told him as she dipped her biscuit into her tea.

"We'll be fine. It's those out there working on the front lines. Walking alone in the light, it seems. Not cloistered away like us wee field mice."

"I do say my prayers," Rosemary added bowing her head and looking solemn.

"As do I, but this too shall pass."

"And what then? What will become of all of us?"

Roger shrugged as he glanced into the flames.

"Some of my other friends say there will be a depression... one as devastating as the 1930s."

"I doubt that," Roger said shaking his head slowly from side to side. "We'll pull through this."

"It could be 18 months or a year before we come out the other side," she mused.

"Could be, but I think we'll survive. I hold on to hope."

Rosemary nodded, "hope," she repeated reverently like a prayer.

"Hope in all things and faith...."

"Yes, we must have faith."

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