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Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2220505
A lighthearted look at good intentions
His name resounds throughout the ages!
In reality a few short pages.
Pages on a dusty shelf,
Pages that he wrote himself.
The hero he was born to be!
A hero he dreams to be,
Something he would like to be.....
And maybe, almost, could be
If he'd had a good nights sleep,
And the climb wasn't quite as steep,
And he was wearing the right shoes,
He could save the day! Make the news!
Rescue the maiden! Solve the clues!
Spread happiness! Banish the blues!
But maybe he won't, not today,
It's too windy, too far away,
He's hurt his toe, his shoulder aches,
He hates to gamble with high stakes,
A valid excuse, none better
Just check his doctor's letter!
Once again he'll have to let it go
Such a shame! But in his heart he'll know
He has the potential, some times,
To be the hero of his rhymes.
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