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Mrs. Frufrubottom's musings on life, protection, and the evil Dustbunny.
227 words, 32 lines

For the longest time, I searched.
It was a purpose for which I searched.
To free my fellow beings from dust was that purpose.
For a long time, it was enough.
I dusted every day only to find the same nasty dusty stuff.
It was futile I suppose.
For quite some time, I was despondent.
I wondered what all of this meant.
I realized there must be someone undoing what I had done.
For another span of time I searched.
I followed the clues, hoping to find my enemy where it perched.
Nothing led me to it.
For a short time, I fumed and fussed.
The Dustbunny was responsible for all that dust.
There was nothing I could do.
For years I searched for his lair.
Everywhere I looked it was not there.
Then by the mercy of the goddess, a ray of understanding struck.
For days I plotted and planned.
I gathered my troops and my quest was manned.
Together we descended into the cave of mysteries.
For night to fall again was all I needed.
Success is the hope for which I pleaded.
My army attacked his lair, we cleaned and preened.
For hours our attack continued.
Though there was one thing that had not been viewed.
We found no sign of the Dustbunny but his spawn.
By light of day even that was gone.
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