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did it never occur to you that my heart was just that big?
when i was
in kindergarten
auntie bought me
a necklace

i adored
that necklace
and i brought it
to school

ruby was
so i gave her
my necklace

you picked me up
at the end
of the day

you asked
where my
necklace was

you were furious
that i had
given it away

you called auntie
and made me
tell her
what i
had done
with her

i had cried
thinking that she
would be just as
as you
that she would think
that i was

but auntie
wasn’t mad
she was
as to why
you were mad

she said that
she had bought
the necklace
for me
it was my necklace

she said
that i could
do what i wanted
with it
because it was

were still

-did it never occur to you that my heart was just that big?
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