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Flash Fiction 5-9-20 W/C 300

Buddha Bear

I found him in the barn. Sitting there like a fat Buddha. Munching on corn meant for the pigs. And the pigs weren’t too happy about it either. They were on the other side, grunting and snorting. But he sat there, munching on corn as fast as he could put it in his mouth. Greedy little bugger.

So Joe and I got some rope. The strongest rope we could find and made a lasso. We lassoed that bear. Somehow we hogtied that big fat Buddha bear and threw him into the horse trailer. Then we hauled him to the fairgrounds.

You see, it was rodeo time.

“Hey Mike! Whatcha got in the back? Makin’ a big ruckus.” Hank manned the gate at the rodeo grounds and was looking at the horse trailer.

“My entry in the big contest today. You’ll see later.” I winked at Joe. Joe stifled a chuckle and looked out his window.

“Well, then, good luck. Big prize. Hope you win.” Hank waved us on.

We motored through and found a parking spot. Reluctant to show our secret entry, we kept Buddha bear tied up until it was time for his debut. We had entered Buddha Bear into the roping contest.

When it was time for us to enter the arena, I backed the trailer up to the chute. Joe and I just pushed Buddha Bear out into the arena circle. He rolled like a giant furry ball.

The rodeo clown stayed in his barrel, away from the claws and teeth. The crowd went wild. And the ropes held for the required minutes.

“And the prize today goes to Mike Penny and his unusual entry, Buddha Bear!”

We took Buddha Bear to the zoo with the prize money. He sits there to this day, munching on corn.

W/C 300
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