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by Norman
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It's all about the schmear
Cream cheese is my fondest wish.
It’s all that I desire.
And if I said I’ve had enough
then I would be a liar.

Just schmear it on the bagel thick.
Yeah, pile it nice and high.
A little more will do the trick,
then I’ll let out a sigh.

Cream cheese is my dream come true,
a taste to savor well.
A flavor I look forward to;
without it life is hell.

Lay it on there if you will,
then I will lick the knife.
Now let me have a little more.
It is my joy in life.

You can have your other spreads,
your peanut butter too.
Keep your jams and marmalade;
I leave them all for you.

I eat a bagel every day.
The everything’s the best.
Slathered up with smooth cream cheese,
it’s better than the rest.

So leave the cream cheese all to me,
‘cause that’s my favorite treat.
A bagel with a hefty schmear
is all I want to eat.

It’s all about the schmear.

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