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Memory from being 5 years old living at Parkside Place. Improper grammar throughout.
I don't know why but I remember crouching down on my hands and knees as a young child near a storm grate of some sort. It was coppery-brown and square with uniform circular holes throughout; holes just a little bigger than the berries I had in my hands. I would have fistfuls of these little red berries, plucked from some sort of green bush with rough foliage. I would crouch down over the square grate and take one, or two or three or more and roll them around within the square, both trying to keep the berries from falling through and also trying to aim the berries towards the holes; kind of like playing a game of labyrinth without any barrier or goal. Freeplay on the ground with a fistful of berries - the best kind.
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