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Janie was on her second Zoom call of the day. “Yes, I agree. Let’s go ahead.” Others on the call gave okays and moved on.

“Mom, an alien just landed in the sand box.” Mary pulled on Janie’s arm, her second interruption of mom today.

The Zoom participants interrupted.

“Really? You have an alien?” Joe from accounting said.

“Can we come see? The heck with social distancing. This is worth a look-see.” Harry from the front office. “I’ll wear a mask in case of an alien virus.”

“Yeah, who knows. Maybe the alien is bringing the cure.” Phillipa from the corner office had her face right in the camera. “Show me. I want to see this. Where is it, sweetie?”

Janie clicked off the Zoom call.

“Mary. What is going on? I’ve had enough of your imaginary friends. You know there is no such thing as aliens. No alien in the sand box. I’m trying to work here. You interrupted a very important call. I know you miss your friends and school and all, but really. An alien? Well, missie, no more TV for you for a week. It’s giving you crazy ideas.”

Janie clicked back into Zoom.

“I’m back, folks. Now, where were we?”

“Here’s the alien, mom. His name is Murgatroyd.”

Mary held the hand of a giant purple dog. The dog walked on two legs and held a banana in its other hand.

“Murgatroyd is from the planet Hula-Hoop. He likes bananas.”

The Zoom call instantly went off-course.

“You aren’t going to believe this folks!” Joe announced.

“Someone call the news!” George yelled. “You’ve been holding out on us, Janie. We’re all on our way over to your house.” He clicked everyone off the call.

Janie laid her head on her desk, defeated.

W/C 300

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