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Before pointing out the faults in others, let us first remove the blinders we have.
So quick to shame and blame only me,
Forgetting what is right and true,
Allow me to say what I see.

Let us start how it began,
When I went to jail,
Your wild visions ran,
And our life went to hell.

You never let me forget that moment in time,
One mistake I made, the conductor of fate,
One tiny slip, not a major crime,

We lost what was most dear,
It broke me in two,
A part of me died, but did you even care?
Constantly putting down, like that is all you knew.

While I was working to correct the consequence,
From dawn until dusk,
A relentless, tiring sequence.

Day after day, never taking time off,
I would come home,
And you would just scoff,
Creating the purpose of this poem.

While I was killing myself to correct a wrong,
You turned to the bottle,
Sometimes all night long.

The hindrance it created,
Was more than just a little,
Only stuck in why you were jaded,
Never willing to just meet in the middle.

Along with your parties and fun,
came another problem at the same time,
All the "friends" you needed to come along,
Providing their needs, also on my dime.

Now I have accepted the part I played,
Even gave pieces of myself to keep up,
Needing housing, food, hygienes, and more without debate.

But all you did was take,
And want even more,
Not recognizing the stake,
The root cause of what the future had in store.

Pointing out the splinter in my eye,
Time and time again,
Putting me down, making me cry,
It was a battle for love, I would never win.

How convenient is to see the fault in others,
without regard, starting wars,
with continuous venom that smothers.

So before you point out, the splinter in mine,
Check out the what is growing in yours,
What was once just a log, the passage of time,

Has created a forest.

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