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Writer's Cramp
Let's see now, where shall I go on holiday this month? I've been planning for years to travel down the Danube. That will do fine.

First I need to take the night crossing to Roscoff. My companions for this part of the trip are a group of travel bloggers. Their excitement showed at they drove into Plymouth. And I don't think they have made a ferry crossing before. When the ship reached Roscoff they drove on.

I went to the station to catch the train to Morlaix. There's a new train on the route, very swish. The train spotters love it. Travelling on through France I did sight seeing tours of various stopovers.

Then I went to the Black Forest, in Germany, in search of the source of the Danube. Did you know that there is a cycle route that runs the length of the Danube? I didn't, until I joined an American couple, cycling their way to Passau.

Here I met a young Japanese American, and together we sailed down river as far as Vienna. It was late and I was tired so I didn't continue my journey any further. It was a great holiday.

Thank you, UTube.

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