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Inspired by 'Health Fanatic' by John Cooper Clarke

190 beats on the uphill road
Heart feels like it'll soon explode
He could give up but he'd refuse
Down on pace no time to lose
Whether it's raining or sunny out
The fitness freak doesn't hang about

He's got the drive he's got a plan
He'll stick to it any way he can
One hundred reps in one hundred ways
Run 10K every other day
People think he's nuts but they all say
He's a fitness freak, but he's ok

He doesn't do it for looks or health
No swimsuit model off the shelf
He does it because he wants to run
Maybe mad but he finds it fun
Beat the time from the other day
Fitness freak there's no other way.

Read the books be in the know
Don't eat it if it makes you slow
New trainers bought from the running show
Seven percent faster go go go
Shave your legs for a marginal gain
Fitness freak I'm sure he's sane.

Inspired by 'Health Fanatic' by John Cooper Clarke, from Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt. I have tried to mimic his style but from the oposite view of the original poem
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