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Rosa pulled a ski mask over her head, before opening the front door. "Glen, tell Mom that I went to the bank to withdraw some money."

Her younger brother by 4 minutes, Glen, didn’t show any reaction. Which, really, was the biggest reaction of all in telling Rosa that he was busy. He knew she wasn’t going to walk into a bank wearing a ski mask. That’s asking for someone to assume she’s a cat burglar, and a bad one at that. They were not amateurs who marched into the forum all guns blazing, simultaneously yelling "Hands in the air. This is a robbery! No one move.". Amateurs who have, by this time, alerted a full SWAT team to their presence. Cue SWAT team guarding all entrances and exits, with the amateurs now going into panic mode and inevitably taking a hostage. Response team, are, of course, aware of this potential consequence so they have a police negotiator ready to deal with hostages. Amateurs are too naive to have realised that taking hostages will add to jail time upon capture. He was not an amateur, he was a professional. Along with Rosa and his mother, he knew that the easiest way to conduct a robbery was to go undercover so your presence is unknown until you'd gotten a clean getaway. His only hang up about this little expedition was the location of a bank. He was surprised his mother had chosen a bank as they usually have the best security. Nevertheless, he was up for the challenge. However, Rosa doubted he even heard her; his nose was practically smeared over his screen.

Rosa thought he’d at least laugh; god knows that’s the only reason she’d pull the smelly ski mask over her head again. They’d been plotting to get access to the bank all day, and she wanted to do it quickly so she could finally leave the family. She pulled off the ski mask and threw it at the back of her brother’s hunched over head.

“Ugh, are you done hacking their mainframe?”

Nothing. Absolute radio silence from genius, annoying Glen over here. Rosa had managed to organise their outfits, and engineer their entrance and getaway, but in all that time Glenn still poured over his computer. Goodness, the movies got so much wrong about hacking.

“For one, Rosa, darling, I’m not hacking, I’m taking a peep at their digital footprint as well as finding a pathway to their security cameras. For two, the only reason I must be so thorough is because I don’t want to get caught and join father in jail before my twentieth birthday.”

Thinking to herself, he wouldn’t have that fear of capture if he supported her plight to leave the family business, but resolutely refusing to bring it up again as she really wasn’t in the mood for another scorning dismissal. She also did not need their Mom to know, shivering at the thought, Rosa dumped their security guard costumes at the table separating her and Glenn.

Grunting, Glenn shifted his laptop and yelled “Done!”

Finally! Now, he’d listen to her plan of how to get in and out without being undetected to gain enough money from this county and be able to move to the next. Slumping into the chair opposite him, Rosa took a glug of cider and began to unravel the heist.
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