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I was thinking 💭 about my mother when I had to make this kind of decision.
         Gyratory is an adjective. Gyrate means: go in a circle or spiral; revolve; whirl.

         Has this happened to you? Before a final decision is to be made, there's a multitude of things that need to be sorted out, which leaves you feeling an affect of dizziness in your mind. For instance, when someone's life is dependent on you, if it appears that they would have a lot of pain and discomfort if they were to survive, it would be a difficult decision to make, whether or not you should prolong their life.

         When my mother had lost a lot of blood, I had to make the above decision. A blood transfusion could be done, a hospitalist said to me, but that she would be in a lot of pain. He said that a blood transfusion would prolong her life a little bit longer, but that she would be having a lot of spasms in her chest. Another option he gave, was to put her on a morphine drip that would end her life.

         My mother had a lot of ailments, and she had to be on oxygen, of which she didn't like. Every time I would put the oxygen up into her nose, she would keep pulling it out. The hospitalist was very clear in explaining to me what her options were. I decided to have them give her the morphine drip. When this was all over, they mentioned to me that she had passed away peacefully.

         Get the best advice you can when you have to make gyratory decisions; this is hard to do, but it would be well worth it for your sake.

Giving you comfort so you can cope,
Dawn awaits this bright new day.
With lots of hope to fill the day,
Don't despair, remember I care.

You have character and you have love,
Who knows better than the one above.
When push comes to shove,
Remember what you're made of.

Persist with good vibrational thoughts,
By resisting the negatives in your head.
When it appears that you've been wrong,
Songs and laughter make you strong.

Winds and decisions are very gyratory,
When they are being explanatory.
Now it's time to begin again,
It's good for you and well with them.

Being bold and living free,
This is how that it should be.
Now, I can go asunder,
With all the sunshine and the thunder.

Full of wonder and adventure,
From all the turmoil that I've endured,
I am alive and I am cured.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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