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by Oddman
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A fictional story under "Fanfiction" genre which gives a different perception
Batman as Badman

"This is unfair."
"I did not expect this from you!" Nolan expressed his frustration to Bruce.
Bruce could not raise his voice even to justify his action. He stood still before his Master with head down.

"Sorry for the intrusion, Mr Nolan, I could help you if you tell me what's happening here?", Fox entered into the conversation.
"Hey, You are the reason! Somewhere you have missed your responsibility; you should have guided Bruce", the frustration continues.
"You are an expert in explaining anything in a point; more precise and brief. But why? Why now you are dragging still?" Lucius Fox exclaimed at Nolan.
He asked Bruce to speak out what happened. And Bruce maintained it. His silence extended.
Nolan said, "I got a news from Chi Luing this morning which tells a pandemic virus spread has started there, and it is expanding its territory slowly everywhere".
"And what is the connection between the virus and our Bruce?"
, Fox asked Nolan.
Nolan starred at Bruce who then turned his face as he could not face.
"Chi Luing said bats had stimulated the virus. I suspected Bruce, called him and enquired. His silence started there, and still, it is." Nolan said in a depressing tone.
"You too, Bruce?"
"But why"?
"Soon, the whole world will be a dark night. Do you wish that? Why you did this?"
Fox asked Bruce.
Our Batman replied at last.
" I have been sent to Gotham City to save good and kill bad. Now I felt that the bad is all over the world. This virus will eliminate all bad ones and unfit creatures for this mother earth." Batman Bruce justified.
"Whatever you tell, You are not Batman anymore. You are a Badman now", Nolan and Fox in chorus.

Author's message: Stay healthy! Stay fit! And escape from Badman!

Word Count: 304
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