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An unusual power...
"Oh, mom, why do we have to pick blackberries?" Nathaniel Walters loved to please his mom, but right now, he didn't want any part of picking any blackberries. It was tiring and frustrating. Blackberry vines would prick him if he went out there. He was in danger of some serious bramble injuries. He made the mental note to bring out the Neosporin after he came back in.
"Don’t even start it! I am going to make some blackberry jelly. And If your sister is the only one that picks berries, then you will not get any!" She knew that Nate liked blackberry jelly. Nate gave in,
"Yes ma'am." he sighed.
Nate and his sister Natalie went outside and trudged up the hill to the blackberry bushes, which were hidden in a bunch of trees.
"I wish we didn't have to do this, I hate it!" Nate kicked a rock. His sister ignored him and trotted up the rest of the way. He saw her disappear over the hill and he quickly followed her. It was the beginning of summer and he felt hot and sticky even before he started picking.
Natalie was already picking away at the big juicy berries, while Nate was painfully maneuvering himself through the vines to the black fruit.
"It's not that hard! Just grab it and pull it out!" Natalie stated. Like I don’t know how to pick berries.
"Well, I'm sorry that I'm getting pricked over and over again by these dumb vines!
"Well, you should've worn a long-sleeved shirt like mom said! You already know."
Nate turned his face away and picked faster.


After about 30 minutes of picking, Nate decided they were done and that they had more than enough berries for at least 5-quart jars.
"Come on Natalie, we need to go!" Nate looked at his sister. She was in a trance, staring at the biggest berry in the bush. It was as big as a plum! The bad thing is that it was concealed by tons of prickly vines. Nate stared at the humongous berry, he knew he had to get it! I must’ve overlooked it!

He stretched his arm as far as he could go and barely grazed the berry. With sheer confidence, he leaned farther. Just almost...there…! He lost his balance and fell in the bush. He felt as if knives had joined a gang and were against him! He burned with pain and pulled himself up. He had gotten something good out of this though and only he knew. He had grabbed the gigantic berry and he was going to eat it, all by himself, just after he had taken a bath and put Neosporin on his wounds.
"Come on Nat, let's go."He put a disappointed face on trying to mask his happiness "Are you okay?" She looked at him.
"Yeah" He jumped off the hill, ignoring his pain, only remembering the berry, the berry that was his!

After Nate had bathed, he decided to indulge himself by eating the berry. It sat on his dresser in all of its glory; shining like the dew. His mouth watered as he lifted it up with chocolate-colored hands. He rolled it around in his hands until the unthinkable happened, his sister came in.
"Too bad the berry was smush--” She started, “Nate! The berry!" Nate tried to hide the berry but it was futile. "Give it to me! We are going to share it!"
"No! It's mine!"Nate shoved it into his mouth. It was too big for his mouth and it burst with purple juice. Its sweet taste exploded in his mouth, it was so awesome. He struggled to chew it and he looked at his sister, she was crying.
"Why did you eat it! We were going to share it!" Nate filled with guilt. Suddenly, nausea swept over him like a janitor sweeping up the remains of a food fight. He quickly swallowed the delicious berry and clamped his hand over his red-stained mouth.
"Nate? Are you okay?" Natalie held his shoulders as he crumpled to the ground. "Moooommmm! Call 9-1-1! Nate's sick!" She heard footsteps and her mom burst through the door. Her mom dialed 9-1-1 and talked with the dispatcher In just 10 minutes, the paramedics burst through the door.


Nate felt horrible, he picked up his heavy head and sighed. He shouldn't have eaten the berry. He felt so sick and not only with guilt. There was another feeling floating around his head, a new thing happened, something good. He was happy a little bit. His sister came into the room and yelled,
"Momma! He's awake!" His mother came through the door with tears in her eyes.
"They said it was an extreme allergic reaction! I'm so thankful that you didn't die!" She exclaimed.
"Yeah," Nate choked out a dry breath, he needed water. His sister passed him a cold bottle of water.
"The doctor said that you can come back home today!" She exclaimed to him and patted his head.


"Hey Nate, how you doin’?" Natalie walked into Nate’s room. Nate was sleeping, and she had awoken him.
"What are you doing here?” He grumbled groggily, “Get out!" Nate picked up his hand to shoo her off. When Nat screamed, Nate opened his eyes. Natalie was covered head-to-toe with dark red paste. It dripped off of her face and made a puddle on the floor.
"What...was that?" She asked him in uncertainty.
"I don't know! I just did..this!" He picked up his hand and sprayed the red paste out of his hand onto the wall.
"What is that?" Nat walked over to the wall and wiped some with her finger, despite the stuff that rested on her whole body. She smelled it and her eyes brightened. She licked it off of her finger and smiled.
"Nate! This is blackberry jelly!" She looked down and tapped her finger on her chin as if thinking. "It might've been that giant berry! It gave you powers!" Nathaniel smiled,
"So I am a superhero! Berry-man! Or Berry-boy!" Natalie cut him off,
"Or just,..." She turned her head slightly to add suspense, "The Berry King!"
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