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The story of a girl who wanted to win, and how she thought she did.
Everyone sought after the lead role in Terramore high's Spring Play, and every girl sought after the boy who played the male lead. He played it every year, with an aesthetic to match any role, with a smile to bring down the stars, and enough power in his tenor-ranged voice to bring even the most hard-hearted to tears. Jacob, or Jakey, as he preferred, had played the male lead three years prior, and no one wanted him more than Lisa. She was a stunning girl, with ebony hair reached down to her ankles, blue eyes, and tons of freckles covering her cheeks and nose. However, looks could be deceiving, and her case, they were. She had tried for the female lead the year before and, to no one's surprise, did not get it. She had never sung prior to laying eyes on Jakey, and tripped over her own feet with every step she took. One thing she did have, however, was incredible intelligence. She marked straight A's, was never in trouble, and kept her head down low. The teachers loved her, most kids didn't notice her, and she was always polite to everyone she met.

Now as I said before, Lisa's looks were awfully deceiving. Beneath her beautiful exterior laid a dark, seething demon, who lashed out when wronged. In Lisa's eyes, she was wronged the worst she ever had been when she was denied the lead role, and she was ready for revenge. She had kept track of the previous years' auditioners, as well as the freshmen girls who seemed to have talent, and systematically took down anyone she considered a threat. Lisa knew that anyone with a citation would not be allowed to audition, and she used this to make her task so much easier. She would lay thumbtacks in a teachers' chair, one she knew her target did not like, and would find a way to pin it on her. She would start food fights in the cafeteria, and blame it on someone else. She did everything in the book until she ran out of ideas, then simply found other ways to sabotage the girls.

When the audition time came, Lisa was one of the only girls left in the school without a citation. She had the mercy to leave any girls that she did not consider a threat alone. This meant that only three other girls showed up, and none of them even came close to looking or carrying themselves as Lisa did. She was certain she had the role under her belt. She paid no mind to the other boys in the room, as she knew that Jakey had the role for sure.

When the audition board, made up of multiple teachers, entered the room, they announced something. "In light of how few girls showed up to audition, we have decided to allow some of the boys, who so choose, to audition for the female lead," the theater teacher said. Lisa felt her heart drop. "But... but isn't there a kissing scene?" She asked. Lisa knew all too well that there was a kissing scene, the one that she so desperately desired, but she figured that it would discourage any auditions. "Yes, but that is no matter. Any serious theater student doesn't think much of a kiss. After all; we all know the old adage -" she said, before a boy dressed in the most tasteful drag walked up behind Lisa. "Yes, don't you know, Lisa?" he interrupted, turning to face her. To her great horror, she realized the boy was Jake. He smiled and simply said "All's fair in love and theater".
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