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by Norman
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That greeting card should say it all
I searched the aisles up and down
to find the perfect card -
the one that says it all to you.
How could it be so hard?

That greeting card should be the best;
it has to be the one.
The one that has a touching side
but also has some fun.

You know the kind of card I mean,
the one that you would keep.
That you would fondly think about
before you go to sleep.

I wouldn’t settle for some card
that didn’t make you smile
or make you feel all soft inside,
just for a little while.

I didn’t want a schmaltzy card
or one that was too long,
or one that when you opened it
would play some silly song.

No, no it had to be a card
that says just what I feel.
And you would know that every word
inside that card is real.

And so it took me half a day
to find this card for you.
It has an extra postage note.
But what else could I do?

right on the cover page.
Then HAPPY BIRTHDAY follows that
‘cause you have reached that age.

Inside the card there is a place
that you will have to fill.
Just sign your name and send it back
to put me in your will.

‘Cause at your age, you never know
if you’ll be here next year.
Just sign you name and send it back.
Just do that for me, dear.

This greeting card means more to me
than it might mean to you.
In fact, it means the world to me.
Oh... and Happy Birthday, too.

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