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by Oddman
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Let's have a short trip. It takes just a few minutes. I will drop you at your place soon.
Shall we go for a tour?
Get ready.
Read the next lines with your closed eyes. [ Please don't shrink your eyebrows. Everything is fair and possible in Fantasy ].
Now it is night since you closed your eyes tight,
Come out of your roof, start to fly up, freely and lightly. Slowly cross the layers of the atmosphere; stratosphere, exosphere and all spheres. Touch all the stars while you travel, visit sun and moon and overtake revolving planets. If you feel tired, take some rest on any planet that comes on the way, and then again start. Then fly out of it, get into the black holes, get lost and find yourself in another galaxy but don't stop your travel. Go on. Say hi to an alien if it comes on the way. If you feel this travel as vague, it should not be. But if it is, open your eyes, you will be at the starting point of your tour in a second. Then proceed your day to day bullshit works. But often have this never-ending, limitless outing.
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