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A story about my old dog that we didn't like that much
Key to My Heart

They loved me like no other,
They picked me up off the road,
They had the key to my heart.

I was just a little puppy when my parents left me on the side of the road with a broken leg. I had cried out many times, but they wouldn't answer. It was the middle of summer and I was broiling; frying on the road. My parents, Henry and Elizabeth, trotted off, down the hill. They almost convinced me that I was useless and that I needed to die.

Then a boy, who was tall and he wore long pants(in summer) saw me and ran back inside. He came back out with 3 more people and they decided to put me on the porch so that I wouldn't fry out there. They also gave me some dog food. I smelled another dog in these parts but ignored it. These people were The Johnsons.

My father had told me about the Johnsons, they used to keep him for a time until he got to wandering around. I guess he knew that they would take care of me, and decided to leave me here. I guess he was looking out for me. There were terrifying stories about them also. They were known to give 'bad' dogs back to the pound. I'm not so sure about that, because they kept me for a long time.

I had mistreated them many times. I ignored the thought that they might not like torn-up trash in their yard. And about the barking... I knew there was something out there, I guess I was just having hallucinations or something like that, until 'they' came. The coyotes. About 1-3 months before the coyotes came, The Johnsons bought me a bark collar. I hated it, I wanted to warn them about the coyotes, but they wouldn't listen unless they wanted me to have the coyote's breakfast. Until 'it' happened.

The coyote had pulled me from my collar and leash and carried me off. They are still holding me captive, with my 'brother' Tudee and my 'sister' Jubi. The Johnsons think that we are dead, but we shall come back. We shall.

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