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Rated: E · Poetry · Women's · #2224774
A woman finding her way back after death of spouse.

I try once more to open a door to the fabric of my soul.
Where did it go, I do not know but I want once again to be whole.
Death destroyed and my life became void, when he passed on that fateful morn.
The tears did flow, My heart ceased to grow and an unending sadness was born.

No longer me, changes to be as I grew into a new phase of my life..
Now having to do many things that were new becoming a woman, no longer a wife.
Places we went people we knew, all changed as I grew a spirit now alone.
Hours to think and memories distinct as I I built a home of my own.

More than a year, has passed without fear, of not making it without him.
I've proven to me There was more I could be Once I truly jumped in.
New people abound changes all around, as I set out to alter direction.
Nothing in my way, day after day, as I strive for personal perfection.

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