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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Cultural · #2224798
My Thoughts During A Time of Pain and Suffering

Oh Captain! Oh Captain! Who has sent you out to sea
Without your head and burnt you from your knees?
I know that you were hated and seen as a villain
For many counts of selling countless children.
But your grave has been sealed for centuries
And people still exclaim your name as foul.
Is this how you remember me?

Oh General! Oh General! Who has thrown you from your horse?
Why have you been treated with such hatred and no remorse?
Arise and stand tall, once and noble gentleman!
A father to his country and a state’s specimen
A leader of many arms of a united brotherhood
Fighting for what he believed and even if you disagree
No man should be treated with distain and hate
Is this how you remember me?

Oh hero! Oh hero! Who has spat onto your face
And defiled your memorial with such disgrace?
A symbol of hope and courage who taught the masses
Showing us humility along with his passion for brasses.
The once glowing star turned dark.
Why target a teacher of change with such indecency
When we should celebrate such greatness to learn from?
Is this how you remember me?

Oh Discord! Why Discord! Why do you cause such misery?
I know misery loves company but do not bash the face of history!
You caused a ripple in the united brotherhood of men for what purpose
To guide us back around through this never-ending circle?!
When will this end? When my words are dead and buried
Or when the Father comes to reclaim his kingdom and sets us free?
Breaking the shackles that have caused us endless torment:
Is this how you remember me?

Oh children, sweet children, why have you neglected me and the past?
We taught you and taught you and yet: why have you laughed.
We wrote you these words as a reminder to view
All things through a different avenue!
But you have twisted our words and distorted the lesson
And now grand cities cry in anger and with saddened distraught
Burning, ever burning like an ever-growing candle
Is this History’s grand fault?

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Please send us a wise man
Someone who can lead us back to where we began
Help the masses and will teach us a lesson
To give us direction about the old man’s blessing
Time for action and a time for caution
Grant us understanding when they should be used
While being strict with warning:
History shall not be forgotten or abused!
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