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This is the work for a challenge I am taking part in.
6 things I can turn into a system are:

1. Writing a book.

2. Determining Your Passion.

3. Creating Your Ideal Workspace.

4. Creating a Schedule for You and Your Family.

5. Using What's In Your Environment To Set Up.

6. Creating a Winning Morning Routine.

I think that points 2-5 can be put together into a system. Other systems I have seen stand alone, and the user has to buy another program to get more information or training. My system can be used by itself but will be used as the pilot program in my Membership site "Your Positive Life, Your Positive Business". My system also teaches the user how to set up their business in a economic way that I feel other systems don't touch on.

Many business struggle with running a business in which the focus remains on the client's needs without having to sacrifice profits. Many businesses, as well struggle to create a safe, positive environment for their employees. My system will solve both of these problems while guiding the user in creating a positive lifestyle and outlook. I firmly believe that a positive life leads to a positive working experience both for a business owner and their clients.

This is a brand new system. I would be looking for business person who want to create a more positive lifestyle and working environment.

As I create the system I will mold it to solve these problems.

My ideal market would deeply care about balancing a nurturing, safe work environment for their employees, or themselves if they have a sole proprietorship, and their clients.

My system helps the thoughtful business person who is struggling with creating a positive, safe working environment for their business and clients and want to make a profit in the process.

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