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When a stubborn carrot just won't budge, a young woman needs a lot of help to pull it out.
Twenty-three year old Claire Thompson was extremely proud of her back garden and all the different types of fruit and vegetables that grew in it.

One afternoon, the curvaceous brunette was picking some fruit when she suddenly noticed an absolutely enormous carrot and said, "Oh my god, it's so big it could feed the entire neighbourhood," as she then grabbed onto it's leaves and pulled and pulled with all her strength but to her surprise, it just wouldn't come out of the ground.

Claire spent the next five minutes unsuccessfully trying to pull, tug and heave the carrot out with all her strength as she suddenly lost her grip and tumbled backwards onto the grass.

The young woman said, "Wow, this carrot is being extremely stubborn, I need help, Chloe, could you please come out here."

Claire's wife, a slightly less curvy blond named Chloe took off her apron and quickly ran out to the garden and burst into laughter when she heard the situation but said, "I'll happily give you a hand," as she then held onto the young brunette's waist, who held onto the carrot's leaves as the two tugged and heaved with all their strength but their efforts proved to be in vain.

Chloe said, "Wow, this carrot is definitely very big and isn't going to budge without a fight."

The couple's next door neighbour Sinead had been watching their struggle from her own back garden and said, "I'll happily give you two a hand," as she then quickly jumped over the fence and grabbed onto the young blond's waist but despite the trio's best attempts, the extremely stubborn enormous carrot just wouldn't come out.

Claire said, "This is absolutely ridiculous, how can the three of us not pull out just one carrot," as she called her best friend Charlotte, who quickly arrived with her daughter Amy while Sinead went to get her husband Howard, who reluctantly agreed to come and help.

The young girl said, "Wow, this situation is just like the enormous turnip story that you read to me at bedtime."

Howard then grabbed onto his wife's waist while Charlotte pulled Howard's waist and even Amy helped by pulling on the hem of her mom's short red dress with white polka dots.

The six pulled, tugged, heaved and yanked with all their strength as the stubborn carrot did slightly more but still just reminded stuck in the ground.

Just then, Claire and Chloe's dog, an adorable but mischievous pug named Toby ran out to the garden and began tugging at the hem of Sinead's skirt, who said, "Stop pulling at my skirt like that, it's my favourite one and was very expensive."

The young brunette said, "Sinead, stop moaning and let him help us, I'll happily replace your skirt if it rips."

Claire said, "All right everyone, one, two, three, Heave," as the five adults, the young girl and the dog began pulling, tugging, heaving and yanking with all their strength on the stubborn carrot, which finally began moving at last.

A bird noticed the epic tug of war and began pulling at the hem of Amy's skirt as the extremely stubborn enormous carrot was pulled from the ground at last with an extremely loud POP sound.

Everyone then tumbled backwards into a heap on the grass as Toby and the bird looked on.

Claire said, "Thank goodness for that, it's finally free, I thought we might never pull it out," as she then hugged and kissed her wife before hugging everyone else including Toby, who licked her face before thanking everyone including the bird, who winked at her before flying away for helping her.

She then made everyone some carrot soup and carrot cake before joking, "I think I might grow turnips next week," as everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation.

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