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You travel back in time and meet...
         "Whoa, that's quite the spill you took. It looks like something I did the other day and you look kinda familiar, too."
         "I know, eh. I remember that incident. I'm you. We're we?"
         "Huh? Did you hit your head? Do you have one of those concussions? How many fingers am I holding up?"
         "Get your fingers, I mean our fingers out of my face. I'm you, you're me, we're one and the same. I travelled back in time to see you, I mean us."
         "Are we on one of those practical joke shows? I don't see a camera. Where's it hiding? Is someone going to yell gotcha?"
         "No, of course not. I'm the future you here with a warning. We could use the head's-up."
         "You're pulling my leg. Are we staring into the camera now? Is it behind that bush? Should I nod my head and laugh?"
         "I'm not kidding. Alan Funt is not lurking nearby and we're not going to be featured on 'Candid Camera.' In the future, a similar television show is based in Quebec, 'Just For Laughs.' You'll love it. We love it. Ack, what am I saying?"
         "You're asking me? You're the one who surprised me. You say we know each other? Aren't you older than me? Come on, I see your greying hair."
         "Yes, yes, I have grey hair, okay. You didn't have to mention it. Me, I mean we have aged a bit. It happens, you'll see."
         "So, you're old me? Did I get fatter?"
         "I'm the older us, but not quite ready to retire, or call it quits. Sigh, yes we gained some weight. Too many accidents and recoveries. Also we never stopped liking cookies."
         "So, you dropped in to warn me about desserts? This is a heavy visual. I had no idea."
         "That's just it. We didn't see this coming. We didn't prepare. You and I, we, were careless. We tripped up. Oh boy did we trip, too many times. Countless times."
         "So, you're a fellow klutz, an accident magnet? Do you stumble over your own shadow?"
         "Yes. No."
         "Make up your mind."
         "We are accidents waiting to happen. You and I share the same history. We must get proactive."
         "The acne treatment? That's going to help?"
         "What? We must start exercising and build strong muscles. Our knees will thank us."
         "My knees don't always act as a team. People say put your best foot forward, but I don't have a best foot. Sometimes, I think I have two left feet."
         "I know. That hasn't changed, but you can. Force those knees to bend and walk. Show them who is boss. When you suffer an injury and let's face it, we will, get back up. Seek the help of a physical therapist. And, sure, cut back on the cookies. Oh, and be careful surfing."
         "We surf?"
         "Only from a chair in front of a computer."
         "Huh? Didn't we consider skiing too dangerous? What's a computer?"
         "Virtual everything."
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