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by jimmar
Rated: E · Short Story · Writing · #2225421
robbery on the docks
The two men seated in the federally-issued Impala smoked and sipped coffee unaware their intermittent conversation syncopated with the chilling gusts of Arctic winds skating off Boston Harbor. The sequence frequently interrupted by howling 30 mph winds barreling across the piers of the South Boston Army Base. Sitting across from the security gate Agent Paul H Icor smiled, he remembered this was his first stop after being drafted for the Korean War. It was unpleasant then and it was unpleasant now. Picking up the clipboard, he stared at the warrant. Agent Icor shifting his body as he spoke to Kelly, "We have an 'iffy' situation here Kelly-we can bundle this guy for the robbery"... The black impala shuddered from the latest icy gust... "Or we can use the security camera footage to flip him". Kelly had been cognisant of Icor's habit of bending of the rules "Look Icor", reaching for a clipboard-"We got a safe missing from a Japanese ship, we got a security camera with this guy directing the winch holding the safe and we got the ship--the scene of the crime--leaving this pier tomorrow"..Icor Takes the clipboard-"Exactly my point, we got no witnesses-We had no cooperation and no understanding with that Japanese crew, we got a distant security camera and we got Andy Johnson as a defense counsel who would eat this case". Kelly retrieves the clipboard- "Here's my point, we got a warrant here to arrest Patrick Conley a.k.a. 'bloomers' Conley-what the fuck...Bloomers? And why are we waiting for the locals"? Icor lights a cigarette. "Last first, you don't go into that mix of longshoremen with a badge--you might not come out alive--every one of those guys has done time--the 'locals' know Connolly--He doesn't want his family to be harassed in his home-- he'll cooperate. Kelly shifts the seat back a notch-"And bloomers?" Icor laughs, Only his friends call him that--it seems that he must have a thing about the Japanese. Years ago he was working a Japanese ship and found some Sake first...then some Japanese women silk underwear-put on about 60 pair-got drunk fell off the gangway in zero weather and taken to the hospital, the clothing was itemized- 60 pairs of bloomers he never live that down and he is one tough son of a bitch. A black LTD sidled up beside the passenger side of the impala; The windows of both cars simultaneously lowered-A heavyset middle-aged man wearing an Irish Jaunting cap smiled at kelly and shouted "As of last night he was going to give it up--if there's a change--you guys better call for back up." He then exited his car--hunching his shoulders into the wind proceeded to walk towards a group of longshoremen. Icor stared at his young partner of six months--"Hey! ..How would you feel about arresting your own brother? Kelly smirking, "What's this about"? Icor nodded towards The Boston police detective disappearing into the snow and sleet--Connellys his brother"-"-Get the fuck out"snapped Kelly--then realized Icor was serious. "Kelly, for now..you're stuck with me; you're going to see a different FBI. Or you can ask for a transfer--you can decide what you want to do when I'm finished.
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