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by Norman
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I do it quite well
My talent is sarcasm
It’s where I excel
If I say so myself
I do it quite well

My comments are laden
With lots of sharp wit
Though some people tell me
That I am a twit

I guess they don’t get it
They’re not that secure
In fact I’ve heard whispers
I can be a boor

But that is the burden
I’m willing to bear
If they can’t accept me
Then why should I care?

A sarcastic person
Stands out from the crowd
A talent I work at
Of which I am proud

My wife always tells me
I sound like a fool
But in my opinion
That sounds rather cruel

I’ll use my sarcasm
Right up ‘til I’m dead
My wife says, “No worries,
you’re dead in the head.”

And I reply, “Thank you,
you’re such a great wife.”

She says, “It’s my pleasure,
my purpose in life.”

She too is sarcastic
She’s learned from the best
In fact she is better
I hate to confess

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