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by Sumojo
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Jenny loses weight to find love
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After being teased for years, at school, home and work for her weight, Jenny decided that enough was enough.
The catalyst for change came about when a new staff member started work at the postal sorting office. The boss, Mr Box, welcomed him to the Midland Postal Depot, introducing him to each worker individually. When he came to Jenny, Mr Box said, “Tyrone let me introduce you to Jenny. She’s worked here longer than anyone.“ He squeezed her bottom, “Why, you were only a girl when you started here, weren’t you, Jenny?”
Jenny nodded, praying he wouldn’t ask how long ago that was.
“How long ago was that, Jenny? Twenty years?”
“Twenty five” she replied softly, hoping Tyrone didn’t catch it, but as he held out his exceptionally hairy, bony hand he said. “Wow, that’s a very long time. I’m really pleased to meet you, Jenny.”
Jenny took the cold, thin fingers in her hot, sausage like hand and smiled. Her fat cheeks glowed.
“I’ll leave you in these ladies’ capable hands then, shall I?” Box turned to leave. “Show him the ropes, Jenny.”

Weeks went by and Jenny and Tyrone became friends, she began to see him as a potential lover. He wasn’t conventionally handsome, but he was taller than her. At nearly six feet tall and weighing nearly 300lbs she couldn’t be too particular. She’d never before had a reason to lose the pounds which had been weighing her down all her life, in fact she‘d hoped her appearance would be a deterrent; Mr Box was always leering at her and touching her. Now she thought maybe Tyrone would see her as girlfriend material if she lost a few rolls of fat. Joining the gym wasn’t really her thing, she wanted something easy; something which took as little effort as possible; she was lazy at heart.

Jenny sat on her sagging sofa, mindlessly watching TV. A greasy pizza box lay open on the floor next to the empty ice cream container. She sighed, “I shouldn’t have had that last slice,” she burped. An advertisement for Weight Watchers interrupted the movie, and she watched as her favourite celebrity bragged about how much weight she’d lost by following the programme.

The next day, she arrived at work to find Tyrone chatting with Selene, the blonde voluptuous wages clerk. Jenny’s eyes flashed hatred at the girl.
“Hi Tyrone,” she called, using her sexiest voice.
Tyrone dragged his eyes away from Selene, and glanced at Jenny for a second, giving her a cursory wave before turning back to listen to the rest of Selene’s fascinating story. Jenny sighed, realising he was slipping from her grasp. Time was running out. She had to do something.

The following evening Jenny arrived at her local Weight Watchers meeting for her initial visit.
“Hello, everyone, I’d like you to give a warm welcome to our newest member, Jenny.” The group leader introduced her to the twenty or so attendees seated around the church hall. Jenny felt her face getting hot as she desperately sought a seat at the back of the room, but there was to be no escape.
“You need to weigh in, love, before you sit down.” An enormous gentleman pointed her toward the scales at the front of the room. Jenny waddled to where she’d been directed, then removed her shoes and her coat before stepping on to the scales. The red finger on the dial, zipped around rapidly. At least the group leader didn’t shout out the number on the scales but wrote it in a little red book, which she gave to Jenny to bring along each week.

Eventually after several weeks Jenny realised her clothes were becoming less constricting. She started to look forward to the meetings as the weight very slowly fell off and she began noticing Tyrone giving her glances.
“Have you lost weight?” He asked one day.
“Maybe, just a little.”
“I don’t think you should lose anymore, you’re perfect. I don’t like skinny girls.” He said.
“You seemed to like Selene though.” Jenny sniffed. “Where is she anyway, do you know?” She asked, realising it had been a few weeks since she’d seen her.
“She’s left. Head office offered her a new job. Anyway, she wasn’t my type.” Tyrone slid his office chair across the wooden floor, to get closer to Jenny. “Fancy a drink after work on Friday?”
Jenny felt a thrill. Shyly she accepted and decided to go shopping for new underwear. She knew of a store which specialised in sexy items for the well-endowed. Just in case things get steamy.She thought.

The date went well, Tyrone was attentive and complimentary. For the first time in her life she felt desirable.
They were having drinks at a bar after dinner, when she felt a sudden rush of heat all over her body.
“Are you okay, Jen?” Tyrone leaned closer, putting his arm around her meaty shoulders. “You look a little flushed.”
“I think I need some air, it’s so crowded in here.”
“Come on, let’s get you outside.” Tyrone grasped her elbow and led her out onto the busy city street. He hailed a taxi.

Jenny awoke, her head throbbed. Her eyes focused on a dirty ceiling fan. Other than the creak it made as it slowly rotated, she could hear no other sound. Feeling cool air across her body she realised she was wearing only her new black, lacy lingerie.
It was only as she attempted to get up from the bed Jenny came to the dreadful realisation she was tied, spreadeagled to the bedposts.
“Tyrone!” She tried to scream but her voice was weak.

For what seemed an eternity, she lay there. Tears had left runs of black mascara on her cheeks. Later she heard the sound of a door somewhere in the house, slam shut. She held her breath and waited until the door to the bedroom opened. There stood Tyrone. He wore only a towel wrapped around his waist.
“What are you playing at?” Jenny yelled, as she struggled to free herself, although by now she knew it was useless. “Untie me now!” She demanded.
Tyrone’s lips curled into a sneer showing yellowed teeth, “You were worrying me, Jenny, with all that dieting business. I told you I prefer big girls didn’t I?”
Jenny stared at this thin stick of a man. As her mind tried to make sense of his words, Tyrone began to writhe. His mouth opened wide as if he was about to yawn. She saw his teeth had grown razor sharp, saliva dripped from his elongated jaw and the smell of rancid meat reached Jenny’s nostrils. The transformation horrified her and she stared at what had become the face of a wolf like creature.
“There simply wasn’t enough meat on Selene.” His voice had taken on a growl like sound. “She satisfied my hunger for flesh for a couple of weeks.” He appraised the fat girl on the bed, “I think there’s enough on you to last me for at least a month.”
He crawled towards the bed, but before he ripped out her throat, he lifted his long hairy neck and howled at the rising full moon lighting the gruesome scene.

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