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15 ways to help pass time during a lockdown.
Covid-19, feeling so blue;
locked inside need something to do.
Idle hands do fidget throughout the crime;
these fifteen ways can help one pass the time.

A good game of chess, eye to eye,
or even checkers by and by.
Sudoku if number games are your thing;
Karaoke for a community sing.

Idle hands, the Devil’s regard;
a magic trick, do pick a card.
Yet that is just a moment of the day,
grab a skein of yarn, begin to crochet.

Short story, essay, poetry;
the art of writing makes time flee.
Like a greyhound dashing all the faster,
tis a goal with words one hopes to master.

Painting with easel heeds the call;
house painting, kitchen, bedroom, hall.
Video games, although they are fleeting;
diets wrecked by the fine art of eating.

(No where to go, foods have allure;
  exercise machine is the cure!
  A stationary bike takes you no place,
  yet when doing so, you don’t stuff your face.)

Surfing the Internet tonight;
shopping at Amazon all right.
Thus, credit management a point of fact;
(lend ears to those in need, a helpful tact.)

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Writer’ Cramp
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