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by Norman
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He knew he'd never reach the top
He was low man on the totem pole,
not more than four feet high.
He knew he’d never reach the top
no matter how he tried.

His feet were planted in the ground
with seven guys on top.
He tried to shake and move around
to get those guys to drop.

But he was stuck; he knew he was.
He couldn’t move an inch.
Maybe if he had some tools.
He’d need a power winch.

As he was making up his plan,
a tour guide came along.
She told her group, “Just take a look,
I’ll tell you what is wrong.

“We always think the one on top’s
the most important one.
He’s closest to the heavens and
he’s closest to the sun.

“But that’s not really how it is.
We now know otherwise.
The one who’s on the bottom is
the one who is the prize.

“The low man is the greatest man.
He has the special spot.
He is the most important one.
The highest man is not.”

And as the guide and group moved on
the low man held his ground.
He bravely stood erect and thought,
I’ll wear this heavy crown.

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