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Honoring my friend and her battle
A warrior, a queen
A fighter stands unseen
In the woods, rustles the wind
The smell of fresh pine
She took a deep breath
Covered in mud and tears
The outcry of the enemy still ringing in her ears

Her sword she called Wintr
For it was cold in its deeds
It always stuck by her
Never failing to return
Blue turned its blade
In the mystic moonlight
It never gave up on her
Never ran away from a fight

She muddled through the mire
Under the soft light of the Moon
Looking for a place to retire
A place to rest her bones
Her hand held Winter
Shining blue in the dark night
She could hear whispers
Telling her she failed
She couldn't protect
She let them die
Tears blurred her vision
And guilt weighed on her heart
She dropped the trusted sword
And looked up at the stars

She feared she was choking
Choking on all her fears
She filled her lungs with air
Though in vain
She dropped to her knees
Clawing at her throat
What she needed was some help
All she wanted was a friend

Her dark eyes fell on Wintr
Lying in the grass
Blue as the moon
And as strong as glass
It seemed to glow
In tune to her heart
Pulsating light
Glorifying its scars
Her eyes were lost in its beauty
A part of the moon shaped into a sword
The tears stopped flowing
The cold air rushed into her lungs

Magnificent was Wintr
Beauty divine
She would never let it go
Never let it out of her sight
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