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by Norman
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No one knows where Alice may have gone
Nobody has seen Alice in a while.
Her shades are all pulled down,
and you can’t hear a sound.
Her house is dark; it’s like she isn’t there.

No one knows where Alice may have gone.
It’s like she disappeared.
It’s really kind of weird.
They don’t know if she’s far away or near.

The neighbors have all questioned where she is.
But no one has a clue.
They don’t know what to do.
In fact she could be almost anywhere.

You have to wonder if she skipped away.
Took all her clothes and stuff.
That had to be real tough.
Did something get too hard for her to bear?

The neighbors are all speculating now.
They gather and they chat.
They stop to chew the fat.
They like to spread the gossip that they hear.

But Alice isn’t missing them at all.
In fact she’s having fun
on a beach beneath the sun.
The first vacation that she’s had all year.

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