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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2228731
Floyd got a little enthusiastic at the wedding.
         ”Uhh, Pete? Can we stop for some fried chicken? And some fries? And a shake? I gotta have a vanilla shake. You remember that, right, Pete? I gotta have a shake!”
         “No, Floyd, we can’t, we have to get across town. Remember the new job we’re checking out?”
         “Yeah, the new job... can we stop for a steak? I’ll eat really fast. I gotta have a shake with it though... which way should we go for a steak with a shake, Pete?”
         “Floyd, stop talking about food. We are not going to stop to get you anything, and I don’t know any place that sells steak and shakes.”
         “We could stop at a shake place first then the steak place.”
         “NO! Now stop pestering me about food!”
         “But I’m hungry, Pete.”
         “You’re always hungry, Floyd, sit on it for a while.”
         “Sit on what, Pete?”
         “Your hunger, Floyd. Just stop talking about food.”
         “I don’t know how to sit on my hunger, Pete. Can we stop at—“
         “NO WE CANT!”
         “You shouldn’t yell at me , Pete, Carla doesn’t like it when you do that. She’s my sister, remember, Pete?”
         “I remember, Floyd, I married her, but I hadn’t met you.”
         “Yeah, we met when they cut the cake.”
         “I remember very well. It was supposed to be the bride that pushes a piece of cake in the grooms face, not the brother-in-law.”
         “Yeah, Carla got angry with me over that, but Tommy had told me that happens and I figured it didn’t matter who did it.”
         “Well, the bride feeds the groom a piece then smears a little bit on his face, she does not jam a paper plate full in his face and upper chest.”
         “It did get on your suit.”
         “I had to buy the tux, Floyd.
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