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How I feel due to my disabilities.
Sleep eludes me, as do my words
taking flight on the wings of birds
no dreams come as I toss through night
simply more wishes to end this plight

The ups and downs of this coaster ride
soon will devour all sanity inside
my existence, to suffer, so it seems
a living nightmare, no more dreams

A demon, or worse, inside me lurks
tasked to undo all good works
Do you think I'm crazy? I'm not sane
my lot in life has become my bane

I look in the mirror and see my reflection
on the brink of disaster, complete infection
memories are fleeting, like my emotions
these ups and downs cause quite the commotion

Tossing, turning, still no rest found
soldiering through night with nary a sound
still, I seek the Dreamland Gate
whilst I lose myself, as is my fate!
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