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A most horrible night in my life
I work in a multinational food company. I have been there for five years. I am a manager of the purchase department. Living a bachelor life, I feel the heartbeat of my life only in the working hour . After my duty ends, I return home. Pass lonely and boring time alone, just wait for the night to be ended. I enjoy my working time rather than living in home being isolated. I love company. But no one have entered in my life till now.

Here I get company with the staff in my office, my boss, colleague and subordinates. I don't feel lonely. Recently, I have met with a lady employee. She is beautiful and attractive.Unconsciously, I am becoming weak for her. She is new here. I stay at office long time only for her. Her name was Elisa, I like her name. This is my weakness. Intimacy between us gradually turning to some love matter.

One day, I invited Elisa for dinner in my house. I was very happy after getting her phone call, and a confirmation that she is coming. I cooked those items that she likes to eat.I was looking ahead for her to reach here.

When Elisa reached, I opened the door and welcome her. She smiled and gave thanks. She came in and sat on a sofa. Elisa was wearing a purple colour gown. She was looking lovely. I was looking at her with fascinated eyes. I poured drink in two glasses. She took one. And I took the another.

Though we were not in office but our conversation was about office activities, bosses, plans, environment , future etc. But the context turned to family matters when Elisa talked about her mother. How she was neglected and
avoided by her father. Everyday, conflict and quarreling with each other. Her father named her mother "witch" . Their relation lasted till Elisa was born. Her mother brought her up.

I felt sorry for Elisa and a little anger and hatred produced in my mind for her father. Any way, I served dinner on the table and called Elisa. It was already dinner time. She likes to eat I know, and she seemed very happy to see the items on table. She became surprised to know that I cooked each item in my own hand. She took her sit and we both started to take the meal.

I don't know really, if the cooking was so good. She ate like she was being hungry for long time It seemed that she is not listening at all when I said something..Like impolite eater she ate. And she finished her dinner very quickly and started to drink. Then she went for wash room. I was then chewing a piece of barbecue from fresh pig meat. And after finishing my part, I was waiting for her to return.

Elisa was taking long time in wash room and I needed to go to wash room too. I pushed my chair behind and forwarded to the doorway. Kitchen is in the middle space and there what I saw! Elisa .....She was not in wash room, she was eating raw meat from my refrigerator...!Oh! My God! She was chewing ...Like cooked meat and the bones in crunch. I....Just saw.....a human?....eating raw meat and the bones too? I couldn't believe.!I was rubbing my eyes.... yes...It is true!.....I tried to be back silently. But a bowl of glass broke falling down on ground with the touch of my elbow. Elisa turned back and saw me.....Five seconds may be..... then she step by step forwarding and started chasing me!...I saw all this what she didn't want...Her eyes turned into red and her nails were.... may be ......two inch long!...and the cruelty on her face!.....Oh!..My Lord !

I opened the front door of my house and started running helter skelter through the darkest night in the forest !....my whereabouts.!....I don't know.....who will save me?...I was shouting....like a fool!....Help!....Help!.....

But my sudden realisation, making sound will help the witch to come after me. So, I stopped shouting and took shelter behind a ten feet high large rock. My breathing was fast, heartbeat..... too....It occurred in my mind that Elisa 's mother must have chased her father like this. Definitely, her mother was a witch.That is why their marriage did not last long.Now I won't get any help from anybody. Cannot escape from this jungle now. I had to wait for the dawn. By then she must leave this place. I won't go office tomorrow. But I'll inform my boss about this. Oh! What a horrible night ! Lord ! I was frightened and overwhelmed! But I'm secured. Lord has saved me. Thank you God!

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