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I am trusting God to finish the work he started in me!
Once I was a sinner that practiced and lived in sin, now I do sin but I don't practice it form day today. Jesus is helping me walk upright. Every day I still struggle to be Holy, everyday I still struggle with myself. I long to be like Christ and to do what's right but every day almost is a struggle to surrender to Christ. I am far from perfect and there are many around me that love to remind me of how un-perfect I am. I am willful and prone to wonder but God always brings me back when I repent. Christ and his love covers me though I don't have to be perfect to be loved by Christ. Yes, there are consequences for my actions both good and bad but I still know Christ is with me.

Whereas Christ loves perfectly man can not as long as we are in this flesh. Christ is perfect and Holy, man is not perfectly Holy we can't be in this flesh. Christ sees all of us, whereas many times man only sees what they want to see. If a man dislikes you they will plainly see all your faults and short-comings. When they love you many times men will put you on a pastel you are not deserving of in the first place, that same man will take that pastel away when you fail to live up to their expectations. We are to mark the perfect man Christ. We all have issues and hang-ups, we all fall short. Many times we want grace when it comes to us but when it comes to others many times we will not give that same grace we want. Help us to learn how to love like Jesus and always give the grace we so desire. I am so tired I feel so old sometimes. I long for Heaven, I long to be out of this flesh, struggling with it, struggling with my sinful flesh. One day I will be free, I will slip into eternity and I won't have to be struggling all the time. Until then I will continue to cry to the Father and the Son for deliverance, hope, strength, direction, protection, provision, and peace. He will finish the work he started in me because he cannot lie.
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