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Winner of Writer's Cramp 9/11/20
Cameron needed a break from life
so he drove to a hospital parking lot
and started making
these random observations

the leaves are dying
in the throws of August
the heat and humidity
are summer's last insult

they use river rock
to kill the grass
to keep the lance
from growing
they allow a few
small ornamental trees
the breeze moves the limbs
this fascinates me

some people walk along
like they've got nothing to do
a few delivery trucks park
blocking the pickup lanes
the drivers walk with a purpose
but they're on their last leg

a man looks like he's afraid
the health insurance
is watching
he doesn't want to lose
that disability
it's all he has left

doctors are looking
for their next patient
they stare as if to say
your time will come

some people walk
down the middle of the street
because they don't want
to follow the sidewalk
an inconvenience
which takes them out of their way
they'd rather let others
be inconvenienced

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