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20th birthday of WDC
l}The door bell is ringing. It must be the tailor, I guess. I gave order for a new shirt and pant three days before. Must have come to deliver. I have a birthday party on evening today. I have got invitation.

"Hold on ! I'm coming !Answering in loud voice, I forwarded to the door.
"Here is your dress, sir," said the tailor man.
"Oh ! Thank you!
"You're welcome, sir !
I took away the bag from his hand.

My three friends are coming here before evening. They will go with me in my car. We are close friends.They all are writers.

Our friendship is from online writing. There are numerous sites for writing online. But we write in writing.com, may be the best one. It's passing two decades after the site was built. And the birthday party is just the celebration of this event. And invitation is of this party.

Lisa Noe, Schnujo and lLili are my best friend .But Lisa is not coming. She will reach the party straight on venue. She called me in the morning. She said she was going to give me surprise ! I thought for long time but couldn't anticipate what the surprise can be. Somik is also coming. I am fan of all of their writing.

I got ready and was waiting for them, A little whisky have intoxicated, so, I was smoking. My writing life was started from college. I was writing song for my band, where I was playing funky lead guitar.Oh! Those youthful days! Few songs were tuned and recorded. Then after I started writing poetry and short stories. I have a little popularity in these genere.

It's dewy season and next the winter is coming. It's party time. I was looking through the window, as I was impatiently waiting for my friends to come. A big moon is up on the sky. It's hazy for the dew, light of the day vanished. Evening started. I looked at my wrist watch. My friends will arrive in any moment.

Calling bell ! It must be Somik. He lives in nearby area, just getting here on foot. He usually comes here to pass his idle time on evening. I forwarded and opened the door.

Yes,Somik. I said, "Hello! My dear friend! Come in."
He said, "Hello! Is Lisa here?"
"No, she is not coming here. She will go to venue straight. She called me on morning. But why you need Lisa?

"I need to talk with her, o.k. I am giving call." Somik became busy with his iPhone.

I lighted another cigarette. A horn was blowing outside. I pulled the curtain, from here I can see the street of my home, yes, a Taxi cab. Schnujo and Lilii have arrived. I again got up from my chair and forwarded to the door.

I showed them the way of my room, where Somik is having chat with Lisa. Schnujo and Lili sat on a big sofa. I brought fruit juice for them. Schnujo was servicing in the army, very smart, wearing jeans and red shirt. And Lili is on gown, bottle green colour. She is looking lovely.

Within fifteen minute we rode on the car. I was on driving seat. I like to drive my own Fiat oneself. We reached at the venue within half an hour.The building selected for festival is well decorated with lights, puppets and banners.

We got down from the car. Somik lead us the way to the reception room. All the members of the writing.com site are here. Huge crowd. Lili, Schnujo and I was walking side by side. Entering the Hall room, Oh !entire decoration, I was looking with fascinated eyes, it's awesome! I amazed!

At first, I didn't see Lisa, but she forwarded toward me. Something she is carrying on her hand, red paper covered. I smiled, said" Hi, Lisa!

She also smiled. Said, "Oh! Dear Proton! How are you?I was waiting for you to come. Oh! dear!" She embraced me and said,"Oh! I love you dear!" And then she forwarded my surprise, my greatest glory, my own written book, in printed form, heading"Short Stories", which was covered
with red paper.

I became speechless. I knew she loves my writing. But couldn't expect anything more. Tears came in my eyes in emotion. I embraced her. Few minutes.....

"I love you Lisa. Thank you, thank you! I am very happy today. Thank you.
I have just started writing in the web. May be one year before, but now I have printed book? Oh! Lisa also noticed that soon my book will be available in the market for people, the readers.The greatest dream for writer. I was overwhelmed and day dream started in my eyes. I can't express my feelings.

The party ended at mid night. We ate, drunk and danced ,and enjoyed every minute.

Word count-802

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