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My beginnings, but not my endings
I began writing when I was about 8 years old. I would write stories along with my little friend who thought she could write a book at 8. She might could have, if she had stayed with it. I will admit, I was a bit jealous of her little notebook. The interest in writing did not stop there. When I saw that my older brother could write phenomenal short stories (in my opinion) it drove my inspiration. When I was a pre-teen, I nearly idolized my older brother. I absolutely loved everything he did. His stories I adored.

Around 12 years old many things happened. The masses generally may think that most 12-year old's go through a lot, right? I am here to tell you that for me puberty just scarcely penetrates the surface of what I went through. I began having feelings of romance towards boys which is normal of course, so I wrote about that. I was bullied at school, so I wrote about that as well. However, I also began having very tangible paranormal dreams, so I wrote about those. This is where writing out my fears was a legitimate coping mechanism. Writing became my release to the world, it became my inner me, my outer me, my everything.

I do not (at the moment) get paid to write but do it anyway. I am a writer because I want to be. I write because, when I do not write for a long period of time it feels like my soul is dying. I used to wear a flash drive around my neck with all my stories on it. I used to tell everyone (including my spouse) do not lose this lanyard it is my lifeline! I still have that same flash drive.

I have lost a lot of time in between stories that I have written, but I do have them currently safe online, and in a binder locked in a firesafe filing cabinet. I am not published, yet, but have never stopped perusing that dream to be published. I hope to one day update this article with lots of great news on how I became officially published.

Now I am older and write about many things more than when I began. I still write paranormal stories. However, now I feel I can write about anything one asks me to. I have even written true-to-life adaptations of other people’s life’s stories at their request.

I do have so much passion as a writer. I believe that my passion is what drives me. When I write it just comes out. I am not writing this article at all the same as I would a story or poem. I am writing this article like I am telling you a story. When I write a story or poem, the words escape my fingertips like a fiery waterfall onto the keyboard that does not stop until the remember to breathe.

Maybe to some, being published and famous makes them a writer. To me, being able to express and convey your words with passion in text to other people makes you a writer. Maybe I am not a true writer yet. But I do believe in myself enough to do so!

So this is my story. I can’t wait to show you the Updated Version.
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