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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2233488
Idea concept for a sci fi story of a woman whose family are all made up
Science Fiction Story Plot:

A woman in her middle age discovers that she's a person of interest to a country whose government conspires to fool her into thinking that all her life she came from an Asia-Pacific country and had relatives from there. The real story is that this government (England) has formulated a way to create people from in vitro fertilization techniques and give them an identity.

Names of characters:

Protagonist - Mikayla Nunez
Protagonist's father - Ros Nunez
Protagonist's mother - Maria de Josef Nunez
Mikayla's boyfriend - Andrew Masters

Ros and Maria Nunez each have relatives, sisters and brothers. These are minor characters and do not live in the same country as the Nunez family.

Mikayla and her family and Andrew live in the USA, somewhere in Michigan.

Mikayla is a former scientist who used to work for the US government. She met her boyfriend, Andrew, in Washington DC. Andrew works for the FDA as a reviewer of submissions for new medical products.

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