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Five artist kids together
The world have changed. Now a days, parents don't stay at home. They both busy in the out world, for job, for money. Peter, a 7 year old boy, has to live alone in home all the day for his parents do job. He has four friends in his community. Their parents also do job.

On the busy day of their parents, Peter, Jenny, Lisa, Roger and Sammy, passes all the day together. After school ends, they meet at the ground, and then decide where they will play and do the other things. They all are artist.

Peter has talent for art. Jenny can play keyboard. She has own keyboard of two and half octave.Lisa can sing. Roger also sing playing guitar. So Jenny, Lisa and Roger when get together, they rock! Sammy is of different talent. He can write poetry for their age's kids.

It was Wednesday, the day of the incident, that I'm writing the story. As usual, they gathered in Peter's house. They played video game, played with doggy, and the cat. When they became hungry, they ate tiffin kept for them in their box. And then their next part of entertainment. Jenny, Lisa and Roger started playing instrument and singing. Sammy is only one person in audience because Peter was busy with his art paper and water colour box. He already draw a shark, but couldn't decide which colour he will use for painting the body. Blue was shaded for water of the sea. But what colour he will use for the body of the shark?

Peter was thinking, and partly listening or might say the sound entered his ear. He was enjoying a bit, he likes Jenny's voice, but a little disturbed too. The sound of their instrument was the barrier for thinking. He shouted, "Hey! little pigs, when yours barking will end?"

Jenny loves to quarrel. And she just needs a reason.She asked shouting," Why? Your pigs are running away from the art paper?" Roaring laughter after the answer.

"Oh! Guys, I'm thinking! Your noise ....I can't think."

They didn't stopped. Rather, increased the volume of the keyboard and guitar. Peter became angry," Shit ! Dirty pigs!"Thenafter, he walked away from the room. He entered his bed room. He laid down and closed his eyes. The door kept locked. Now the sounds are low. Peter thought,"Now I'll find answer."

Peter's mother kept chocolate milk in the refrigerator. Peter drunk it all. Cold milk created comfort in his stomach.The eyes became sleepy and he slept .The only thought in his head was shark. He was dreaming......
Deep in the sea, he and his four friends swimming. They fell on the water from the boat. The boat drowned too. They were swimming hard, but didn't know where to reach. They didn't have oxygen cylinder.They were being out of breath for shore.

Peter saw a shark coming towards them. Sammy was nearest target. He couldn't saw because the shark was his behind. Peter called him to be alert, Sammy! Sammy!..Shark!...Shark!...

Peter was sweating....meaningless...fearful sound produced...in sleep..But his friends couldn't know..in the reality, they were singing. Sammy though can't sing....But he joined them too.

On the other hand, Peter was swimming in his dream, just trying to reach near Sammy, to tell him that a shark was behind him. But before he reached there, The shark had a bite on his left leg! He shouted,"No! No!" He started crying,"Don't do this shark.please!"

Suddenly, knock on the door had the break in sleep and Peter woke up. Sat down on the bed. Soon he realized that he had nap and was dreaming. He got down from bed. And opened the door. It's mom! Still the tears were on the lap of eyes of Peter. Anxiously mummy asked, "what happened my child? Why are you crying? Why you kept the door locked?"

Peter told briefly what he saw in his dream, though he was crying, embracing her knee. Mummy rubbed Peter's head, confirmed that he had a day dream and there was no shark.He was not under sea and his friends too.They all were in home. Sammy was fine, shark didn't bite on his leg.

Crying stopped gradually and and Peter smiled when his mummy confirmed that he had a dream.He forgot everything when mummy offered him a chocolate. Peeling of the cover then Peter had the bite on the chocolate.Oh! "What a horrible dream!" Said Peter"

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