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Poem originally written for The Bard's Hall
I moved on, I moved forward to an antique land
to where a shattered visage lay.
Were I Dr Frankenstein to not stay,
but I don't take responsibility for your hand
that mocked and heart that hurt.
I weep not for the lost time,
I won't weep until the last breath
as nothing is so painful to the human mind
as a great and sudden change,
I see the change, it will be kind.
The lone and level sands will stretch far
away as I run to the nightingale.
to learn my freedom and
boast it through the sand of time.

Author's Note:
Credit to Mary Shelley for 'Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.' (Frankenstein)
Credit to Percy Bysshe Shelley for all references to his poem Ozymandias: 'antique land...shattered visage...hand that mocked...lone and level sands stretch far away'
Technique of intertextuality by interspersing lots of the Shelleys' work was used.
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