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Religions compete for our souls, but which one is the real deal with so many to choose.
To who should I turn?
Pray someone tell
Does anyone know...
How to avoid burning in hell?

The Catholics say it's us
But the Muslims disagree
I'm so confused
And I fail to see

If the Christians are right
Then the Hindus are wrong
Man those Rasta's are cool
Should I just hit the bong?

One hundred forty four thousand
Jehovah's going to heaven
What about the rest of us?
Will there be Armageddon?

They can't all be correct
So who should I choose?
There's so much at stake
With my soul to lose

I would pray to God
But which one is best?
Is it Allah or Shiva?
Is this some kind of test?

Because I don't want to burn
Although I won't be alone
There will be so many others
In hell will be thrown

I'm beginning to think
This could be a hoax
From whom can I learn?
The truth could I coax

If it is all a lie
And my fear is unfounded
Does that mean the end?
I don't like how that sounded

Because to burn in hell
It used to sound bad
But compared to nothingness
There with Lucifer, I'll be glad

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