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Just what I have experienced not to say that everybody has had the same issues as me.
Being black in America is difficult at times, to say the least.
We seem not to ever, ever be really ever respected or loved by most of society.
We are oftentimes seen as lazy, crazy, or angry.
Sometimes we are seen as not as bright by some folks like they think we ride the short bus.
Nothing wrong with riding the short bus just don't put me on the bus if I don't belong.
I wonder have people ever stopped to truly wonder why we are the way we are?

We are mistreated and lied to and our sons and husbands are killed in the streets.
Killed by each other or cops or anyone with an ax to grind it seems.
We have to work twice or three times as hard for everything we get that's worth having.
We are sometimes just overlooked completely for any and everything worthwhile.

I need to be strong somehow and keep going because somehow I think deep down I still can win.
I just don't have a give up in me so I pray and try to keep it moving.
I try to put my trust in Christ always and look to Him and not man.
I struggle with myself, I struggle with not being hate-filled myself and bitter.

Not always do I win the struggle but I try and I am winning more often or it seems to me.

Black in America should it even be a thing?
Shouldn't it just be we are Americans first and then color and everything else last?
Well, Christ first really and then everything else, and therein is the issue we don't put Him first.
If we truly put him first then we would treat each other differently.

If we put Him first then we would think differently and behave differently we surely would.
I am not saying we shouldn't see color or sex etc but it shouldn't be the focus of who we are.
It shouldn't be the focus of how we see others.
Oh, help us see through the eyes of Christ. Being Black in America is hard more often than not.

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