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My choices has led me to having a rough life and living in a dump.
Make good choices in life because if you don't life will be tough.
My choices have led me down some rough roads.
I now live in a rundown apartment where several of the other tenants run drugs.
I do have a car but it's also run down all because of my choices.
I am thankful that things are not worse of course but the life I now led is partly because of my choices.
I was homeless have been more than once due in part to bad choices.
Been hooked on drugs also due to bad choices.

I've had a lot of bad things happen to me this is true but that's no excuse for bad choices.
You can't always choose what happens to you true but you can always choose how you react.
I made poor choices and then tried to justify my actions by saying life has been tough.
I tried to make excuses and say that I hadn't been properly loved many times in life.
This is true being raped and abused, lied to, and some more but that's still no excuse.
It's also true that others have had it way worse and didn't choose to do whatever suited them.
They kept working hard and living right doing that next right thing I did not.

This is a prose of caution because I have and am paying for my choices over and over again.
You can choose what you do but you can't choose what the consequences will be.
For one most folks will never let you forget some many will turn up their nose at you.
So many will look at you in disgust and judge you harshly.
They will say what a waste to have one such as her in living our society.
Many will say do you know all the things she's done and will gladly tell the tail
Making up what they don't clearly know they say well let me tell you all she's done.
Make good choices because you will never know how much you will have to pay for your sins.
You will never know when you will be allowed to stop paying for those sins.
Saying sorry is never ever enough
God will forgive if it's meant from the heart, many men will not at least not from their heart
Even forgiveness will not take away the sting of that old devil consequence it surly will not

Sin always takes you further than you want to go.
also makes you pay way more than you will ever know.
Sin keeps you way longer than you will ever want to stay.
Don't play with sin because it's no joke.
Sin will choke out your hopes and dreams and if it goes too far your life.
Make good choices in your life is the cautionary tale I tell today.{/size
God does forgive and they say forget however there will be consequences even for a forgiven one!
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