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by Jes
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Just my overreaction to a simple word
I'm usually not a very sensative person. at least, I'd like to think so. So I found it a bit unusual that I felt sad after someone called me dumb. Maybe I deep down consider myself to be dumb. I'm not the best at talking or explaining myself. Maybe that's why? I stutter way too frequently, I mix up my words...a lot, and I am not very good at socializing. I don't know why it stung so much coming from this person. I mean, I've only known them for a few weeks. Maybe I was starting to warm up to them since they seemed nice and I wasn't used to someone seeming to be genuinely interested in talking to me. I started to consider him someone I could potentially befriend and closely talk to, but maybe I thought too far ahead and created a false reality in my mind. I'm glad I have the people I currently have by my side. They're the only people o can comfortably talk to and not care if I mess up and say something "dumb." They can say anything they want to me and my confidence around them won't change in the slightest.
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