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by Espero
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The Rain Will as the Rain Does
Droplets of rain slowly cascade,
Wandering to the ground below,
Collecting into one large stream,
Deciding where it wants to flow.

I watch until a puddle grows,
And then begins to run away,
To join another stream ahead,
As if they were just out to play.

Sometimes the greedy ground ahead,
Sucks up the water in it's path,
Its long wait for a needed drink,
Has come, and now it gets a bath.

Once over, you can hear the sound,
Of chirping birds, making a splash,
They too were waiting for the rain,
And now its finally come at last.

Sometimes the rain can bring a threat,
With wind and fierce thunder claps,
Lightening that streaks from up above,
Making its objects fall and crash.

The storm can rage for days on end,
Until a mighty river flows,
It takes what lies within it's path,
As the storm-water grows and grows.

We cannot change what is to be,
Nature will always win the fight,
All we can do is hope and pray,
That we are safe another night.

We welcome you for feeding us,
Although your fury brings us pain,
There's nothing else that we can do,
Other than leave it to the rain,

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