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by Crow
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There Were Signs of Hope on That Tragic Day
         There are many things that will forever find a residing place in the collective memories of men and women the world over, inscribed in stone for the ages.
         One such day was that infamous morning on September 11, 2001, when the World Trade towers were hit by two hijacked airliners. Understandably, the scene in New York City was one of pandemonium and shock. Commuters stood frozen and transfixed as they watched the towers belching enormous plumes of black smoke from jet fuel and building contents. Adding to the horror unfolding before their eyes were the sights and sounds of the hopelessly trapped jumping from the conflagration, escaping from a horrible death in the only way open to them. Those who stood in stunned silence could hardly believe the drama unfolding before them. The entire city was arrested in their never-ending nightmare.
         Now, it would be fair to say that New York is not a city known for its friendly down-home personality. However, on that direful day, something would happen that would display the city in an entirely different light. One man with a camera in hand began filming the reactions of random people and recording their responses and conversations. What his film revealed were the raw emotions of those witnessing a tragedy seen by the entire world. Many stood trembling. Others covered their mouths with nervous hands so as not to cry aloud. Still, others gave full release to agonized and visceral moans and shrieks. The city that many thought had little feeling burst out in rapt emotions. People hugged complete strangers as they sobbed in each other's arms.
         So, in pondering these things, you may be puzzled as to why I have pointed them out. I have not shined a light on these events because the City of New York stands alone as a cold and callous metropolis, devoid of any feeling or compassion. In fact, I believe that I have proven the opposite. The people of this great city, like those of many other cities across our nation and the world, reached out and became a sterling example of the potential of hearts drawn together.
         The capacity of humans to inflict great suffering on their fellow men is great. However, greater still is our innate capacity to bring healing and pity to those who suffer and grieve. Showing sympathy and love toward others is not a special feeling, it is a choice we make. Moreover, although it may ring as the ultimate cliche to say that what the world needs now is love, it remains as true as it has ever been.
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